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The Wisconsin Tradition

In 1890, University of Wisconsin-Madison established the first dairy school in the United States. Since then, over 13,000 students have been trained in the various dairy manufacturing short courses. The University of Wisconsin continues to serve as the leader in dairy manufacturing programs for the dairy industry.


Batch Freezer Workshop

Ice CreamOffered annually, the Batch Freezer Workshop is designed to provide attendees with in-depth exposure to the practice of successfully manufacturing premium frozen desserts using batch freezer technology. Lectures will cover fundamental concerns of quality evaluation, flavor selection, and processing procedures.

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Cleaning and Sanitation Workshop

MilkThe Wisconsin Cleaning and Sanitation Workship is a one-day course covering the basics of cleaning and sanitation chemistry and practice. With speakers from industry and academia, this course is designed to provide a strong overview of Cleaning and Sanitation practices. This course is offered in conjunction with the HACCP short course.

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Dairy Chemistry Course

MilkThe Applied Dairy Chemistry Course is an intensive two-day course covering the chemistry of milk and milk products as they relate to specific dairy processing and control functions. It will provide a better understanding of the chemical and physical changes taking place during processing and storage of dairy products and how these may impact the overall quality. The course is designed for students that have had high school chemistry.

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Dairy Field Representative Conference

MilkThis annual technical conference is held in Madison in early February. Use the links to learn more detailed information about the conference and Wisconsin Dairy Field Representatives Association.

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Ice Cream Makers Course

Ice CreamThe Ice Cream Makers Short Course is designed to provide attendees with in-depth exposure to the practice of successfully manufacturing quality frozen desserts using modern industry-scale technologies. Lectures will cover fundamental concerns of quality evaluation, manufacturing, and processing procedures.

Held in our dairy processing facilities, the manufacturing sessions will give every participant hands-on experience with standardizing, blending, pasteurizing and freezing. Working in small groups under skilled supervision, attendees will manufacture several hundred gallons of ice cream.

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Milk Pasteurization and Control Course

Milk ContainerThe biannual (January and August) Milk Pasteurization Process Control School focuses on topics such as system design and operation, spoilage and pathogenic microflora, operation and maintenance of equipment and pumps, CIP systems, as well as proper cleaning and sanitation. Registrants are expected to study the materials before attending and to take the exam at the end of the course.

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